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For the Benefit of Everyone, Thank Tony for this:

We have been working on a couple very exciting cash flow opportunities for us all and we are...
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I see my shares on my Etrade account. Will I have to do anything else for the share restructure? there is no name currently for the stock. Just a...

I'm glad you now chose to read our info first and then comment. I wish everyone would do this. You should read our last news release as well it says...

Anthony Sgroi replied to Need some help here! 3 weeks ago

There is a lot of mixed information on this forum, some people have said they have moved, some have not. Some people have never been through this...

Not sure how much clearer we can get. Some people just plain do NOT want to wait for instructions. Please do NOT let this be you. Thanks, Raymond

Anthony Sgroi replied to Need some help here! 3 weeks ago

Sorry Brant to hear. I am not in as deep, but the guidance I thought would be better. Good luck to you

I called the transfer agent and spoke with them directly and was told they still have no guidance on what to do themselves, so I am assuming we are...

Cannabis Science Economic Development Program

Cannabis Science Economic Development Plan

Cannabis Science Share Structure Updates

CBIS Share Structure Updates

Cannabis Science Updates

CBIS Updates

Transfer Agent

Securities Transfer Corp.

STC is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission

2901 N Dallas Parkway
Suite 380
Plano, Texas 75093
(469) 633-0101

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I think this was for you Edward Mercer in regards to your deleted post about the Transfer Agent.

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Myron C Detweiler April, would you be willing to share how you went about getting the shares in your name. My shares are also with Charles Schwab but everyone I talk... Show more 1 week ago
Margaret Gonzalez Ameritrade tells me my shares were sent to STC and transfer should be complete within 5-7 business days. I am wondering is STC supposed to contact... Show more 7 hours 27 minutes ago
Jason Shane Beeler @ Margaret - Did you have to do anything with Ameritrade to get them to start the transfer? Last I checked with them there was not status on the... Show more 4 hours 29 minutes ago