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Cannabinoids are the chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant, the Hemp plant, and the Human Body. Certain plants create what are called “phyto-cannabinoids” and the Human Body creates what are called “endo-cannabinoids” they are designed to regulate our body’s immune system, our body’s natural defense system to fight diseases. When the Human Body has a deficiency in its “endo-cannabinoids” its immune system becomes weak and cannot fight diseases as a normal healthy “endo-cannabinoid” system can. The Human Body can apply or ingest the “phyto-cannabinoids” created by the Cannabis or Hemp plant and add them to their deficient “endo-cannabinoid” system they instantly create a unique blend of “iCannabinoid” within yourself to help fight most critical ailments and diseases with proper treatment and palliative care. These new Hybrid “iCannabinoids” work by bolstering and imitating the body’s naturally-produced “endo-cannabinoids” that maintain the nervous and immune systems. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are the most common types of cannabinoids in Cannabis, becoming commonly known to kill cancer. While THC has psychoactive properties ordinarily associated with Cannabis, CBD is the calmer alternative that offers relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation and psychosis, which is more commonly derived from the Industrial Hemp plant for regulatory ease as compared to cultivating and manufacturing constraints as compared to Cannabis. CBD has also been identified as potential treatment for an array of illnesses like cancer, arthritis, chronic pain and other neurological disorders.

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