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Called the transfer agent. They know nothing. Here is their website

Same here! I contacted fidelity and was told the same. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone with an answer! Hopefully you can get an...

Dale Robinson posted a new discussionyesterday

How do I check on my existing stocks

I had stocks since 2017 in fidelity investments and it's been a year what happened to the loyalty gift for the existing stockholders ? I talked to...

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James DeLoach has liked Thomas kane's Profile 5 days ago
Todd Moskowitz shared Raymond C. Dabney's status 5 days ago

How about ANY concrete information regarding our shares, the share split, CBIS being traded again... instead of the crazy uncle talk...

Updates coming soon now.

Just need to finish cleaning house first.

We've been very focused for a FEW Very Good reasons.

Sad to see such deceit run...
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Jason M Rowlands What is going on with this stock? It's been entirely too long since we had concrete info on what is going to happen... 5 days ago

I literally just found all this out a few days ago......wondering the same.

I just found out about this whole CBIS thing....also a novice trader. Td Ameritrade still shows my shares, though has a number identifier, rather...

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Raymond C. Dabney More partners and products coming in, very proud. We are loading samples, inventory tracking, all Beta testing for Official Launch.

Once we have...
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2 weeks ago

I check on this transfer daily and in my portfolio it says -100% in bright red with a value of 0 beside it. I been reading for almost a year now how...

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Called the transfer agent. They know nothing. Here is their website