Cannabis Science African Economic Development Initiative

Cannabis Science African Economic Development Initiative

We have a goal of accelerating our African educational development, economic development, and job...

  • Cannabis Science has created an African Initiative with the goal of accelerating our educational development, economic development, and job creation initiatives, as well as building on our current collaborations for research and multi-center clinical trials. Our African Initiative is flexible and is tailored to the specific conditions and requirements of each country, as determined by the people who live and work in the communities where we have operations. Because of our relationship with the Constituency for Africa , a U.S. non-governmental organization that advocates for Africa with stakeholders in the U.S. and throughout the African Diaspora, we have been able to create great relations with those in Sub-Saharan Africa and accelerate this Initiative.



    CBIS will establish viable operations throughout Africa inclusive of grow operations, research and drug development, multi-center clinical trials, manufacturing and sales. We aim to supply the African market with cannabinoid-based medicines to treat a number of indications, as well as to export medicines from Africa to other markets worldwide.


    The Ebola epidemic exposed large and fundamental healthcare insufficiencies on the African continent. At the onset of the Ebola epidemic, the capacity of health systems in West Africa was limited and several essential health services were not performing well. This constrained the development of a suitable and timely response to the outbreak. These deficits included inadequate numbers of qualified health workers, poor healthcare and social services infrastructure, deficient logistics, slow surveillance and health information systems, and weak or absent healthcare governance and drug supply systems. In an effort to contribute to the strengthening of Africa’s healthcare infrastructure, CBIS intends to invest in hospitals, health centers, educational facilities for healthcare workers, drug development, and the medical devices.


    From the farm to the table, food security begins with sound agricultural practices that produce sufficient food for consumption and that are designed to reduce poverty. Water management and safety, and food preservation and safety are additional core components of sound agriculture and food policy. Environmental factors are important risk factors for infectious disease epidemics. We believe that rigorous waste management and sanitation are also vital epidemic control mechanisms. As a good corporate citizen, CBIS will explore opportunities to invest in and improve food safety and security protocols in the countries where we operate.


    While CBIS is apolitical, we seek to operate in countries where the legal, regulatory, policy, and jurisdictional frameworks for public healthcare, agriculture, education, and training create conditions that will maximize the health and well-being of all communities. As a private-sector stakeholder, CBIS will seek opportunities to collaborate with the public sector and civil society to contribute to the development of these frameworks, as appropriate.


    At the heart of job creation is education and training. Sustainable models of education and training are associated with important areas of development, including industrial sectors such as drug development/treatments, agriculture/food safety, communications, investments, and engaging political environments. In the communities where we operate, CBIS will invest in education and job training as part of our broader Economic Development Initiative. Not only will this help create a qualified workforce for CBIS and other employers, we also hope to create and encourage African entrepreneurs.


    Satellite, Internet, mechanical device development, and cellphone infrastructure are all important components of healthcare, educational, and economic development. In addition, dynamic media exposure defines how communities perceive themselves and respond to their problems. As part of CBIS’ Economic Development Initiative, we will invest in technology and communications initiatives to help improve infrastructure and create jobs.

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The ASU Digital Business HUB will be used as the main business student learning center. GBXI will be the main pivot point to spin out trading shares of all our Partner Public and Private Companies such as Cannabis Science, iCannabinoid, Thermic Science, LNC, LMG, and a few more old and new school surprises for our loyal shareholders. No one will be missed! A true Digital Business HUB for students, just as planned all along.

Each spinout company will give our GBXI registered shareholders additional pro-rata shares in each spinout company over and above their original shares in each entity. This provides the required shareholder base for each company required to trade and gives additional shares to all our loyal GBXI shareholders.

We call this “Compounding our Wealth” through extra spinout share participation for all our loyal GBXI shareholders. Each registered GBXI shareholder will receive additional shares of each spinout Company over and above their original shares to enjoy additional liquidity as each company begins to trade through the GBXI Digital Business HUB spinout process.


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Can you advise us as to when the original CBIS stock will be converted and what will the new stock be listed under - its ticker symbol.

Raymond C. Dabney Raymond C. Dabney Comments:

Hey Mike good morning! Hope all is well for you! Sorry for the delayed response I know this is your second poke! Once...
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2 weeks ago

Good Afternoon, Guys! Do we EVER have an Update for you, as stated earlier, 2024 is our Year! We are in the process of closing a couple of new... Show more

Good Afternoon, Guys!  Do we EVER have an Update for you, as stated earlier, 2024 is our Year!  We are in the process of closing a couple of new Partnership deals for Cannabis Science and our Expedited cancer drug development program. We are still working on the paperwork, but we can certainly start Thanking God now!  That is for sure! We will be putting News Releases out in each respective Public Company and continue our FDA quest for an IND# so we can start Phase 1 Clinical Studies for Killing these Nasty Cancers.As mentioned earlier, we will shut down the CSi-VIP Legacy Drug Ownership Program as soon as we close the first deal, the paperwork is forthcoming. We are still working on the investment reports for ALL our CSi-VIPs as stated, so you still have time to purchase your personal share of the CSi-Legacy Cancer Drug!  It has certainly been a long time coming!If you are NOT a CSi-VIP and you are interested in directly owning a piece of our CSi-Legacy Drug, it’s NOT too late for you either! The CSi-VIP Legacy Drug Ownership Program links are all Live and updated, if you have any questions, Please feel free to contact me directly for ALL your options available this week.*** Send me an email with your questions and contact info.raymond.dabney@cannabisscience.comPs … For ALL of you sending emails “feeling off” about our continuous CSi-VIP Gifts and Offerings. Maybe you will be more comfortable if we start selling some of our own Shiny Sneakers, Bibles, Bobbleheads, NFTs, Coins, Hats, Socks, Coffee Mugs, Stickers, Calendars, Inflatable Pool Toys, Trading Cards, Toilet Paper, a Hat with MY Hair, Posters, Signed Autographs, Chia Pet Head, Flags, Clocks, Pins, and I’m sure we can come up with many more creative Fun Items.  So, in the near Future, we will open our own “1 Million Strong-CSi-iCannabinoid-ASU Gift Shop” for EVERYONE to take your pick of our own Branded Merchandise for your enjoyment and specialty items collection.*** Right now, with our CSi-VIP offerings, you Only need to KNOW that ALL your funding is going towards the continuous Successful operations required to bring our “Low-Cost, CSi-Cancer Killing Drugs” to market ASAP. You are a BIG part of the Key to Make that Change.  So, let’s make sure you are a CSi-Legacy Drug Owner before that door closes too, that is the Best I can say, for now.Good Bless us ALL.Talk soon Guys.Raymond -
Bradford Patterson Great Update Raymond! Looking forward to our near future. Keep the faith and your hard work. Peace and Blessings to us all. 3 weeks ago
Raymond C. Dabney Thanks Bradford!

It's certainly been an extra busy last couple of weeks, however the "Fruits of our Labor" are getting ripe again! A few situations...
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3 weeks ago
Raymond C. Dabney BTW... Congrats! to ALL our "New CSi-VIP's" and our "New CSi-Legacy Cancer Drug Owners” you know that ALL your Investments and Support Helps to PUSH... Show more 3 weeks ago

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