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Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa Discussion started by Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa 5 months ago
   Neuropathy is more than just pain, weakness, and numbness, this can be a result of many chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and brain injuries. Considering the fact that medical marijuana has treated neuropathy, it also helps alleviate some symptoms of diabetes. Neuropathy is a result of uncontrolled blood sugars. When blood glucose levels are regulated, pain is reduced.
David Hood
David Hood Being a dialysis patient I know all too well the effects of Neuropathy, at my dialysis treatments three times a week and while trying to sleep at... Show more 3 months ago
Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa
Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa David, I used hemp oil. The use of cannabinoids is too political. With all the scientific proof of how effective products are, cannabis is not... Show more 3 months ago
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Great read and movement in the industry blog.norml.org/2019/06/20/congress-votes-yes-to-pr…

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Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa posted a new discussion6 days ago

New Mexico adds opioid addiction to its MMJ Program

As more states are legalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons in hopes to eradicate deaths associated with opioid use, New Mexico added...

CBIS Fights to End Opioid Deaths Campaign



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