I have Existing stocks from the delisted in October of 2019 I was wondering how can I get my Loyalty gift I had these stocks since 8/2017 it’s Been... Show more

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How do I check on my existing stocks

I had stocks since 2017 in fidelity investments and it's been a year what happened to the loyalty gift for the existing stockholders ? I talked to...

Investor Relations
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I have some shares in Fidelity Investments that I transfer from Scottrade I never got no notice or nothing yet of course it was a PO box that I used...

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CBIS Share Structure Updates

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*** Two things happening for our shareholders right now.


If your shares are there still with your Broker or Transfer Agent, then you are good...
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Raymond C. Dabney Hopefully this will help:

No one has a "problem" unless you can not find your Cannabis Science shares, that is a "problem".

You do not need to fill...
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robert emerson I think it has been explained very well. Bottom line just sit back and let things happen and we will all be happy. My shares are still in e-trade so... Show more 11 hours 1 minute ago
Maureen Abston Very well said Robert. Thank you! 9 hours 44 minutes ago