Cannabis Science Update #11

Once again, we give a Hearty Thank-You to ALL our Loyal Shareholders and Supporters!

Earlier we Presented the registered Shareholders of Record a Loyalty Gift.

*** Each current Common Share you own will be exchanged for 1.5 shares of a NEW Common Class B Share. The OLD Common shares will be cancelled after this stage of our transition. (1,000 shares = 1,500 shares)

In addition to the Shareholder Loyalty Gift, as a shareholder of record you are entitled to the First Rights offering for the upcoming Common Class A IPO offered to you at $1.00 USD, this will later be open to the public offered at $2.50 USD.

*** Both Class A and Class B will be filed to trade under two different trading symbols for the same upcoming IPO. So, if you do NOT purchase the Class A Rights Shares you will still have your original Gifted Class B shares filed to trade under the same IPO.

We greatly APPRECIATE your financial support in our groundbreaking historical endeavors eradicating all these critical ailments. As MANY have been asking about purchasing more shares to help us MOVE THE BALL and attain positive cash flow much faster!

The Share Structure Update BOX to the left contains all the initial documents you will need to get a much better understanding of what we have along with the projected values for our projects, this will all provide you with a deeper understanding of our collective successes and path to attain a MUCH higher valuation of ALL of our shares!

CBIS Share Structure Update Forms

You can fill out the forms according to your situation, email directly to me.

Once you have done that, get a hold of me directly for the Final Steps:

  1. Email me Directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Call me Directly: +1.949.757.4144

We have been getting an abnormal amount of calls, this is good and bad. To keep EVERYONE informed in sync we setup iCannabinoid so you can get accurate, real-time, direct, COMPANY information at your leisure.

There are very few companies even attempting to do what we do; at the level we are doing it with Harvard. For comparison, GW Pharmaceuticals is certainly the closest from what we have seen out there.

This certainly puts us on the FOREFRONT of the industry with Harvard and our successful research proves it. This is all documented and medically proven as you can see with our initial Frontiers on Oncology research reports on killing Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

First Frontiers on Oncology research report

Second Frontiers on Oncology research report

We have several more reports coming out as we are targeting even more critical ailments and most of the ground the work is already done! We are playing catch up with our own success right now. This is a good and bad position. As shareholders, our next steps are critical to our transition to positive cash flow and dramatically increased shareholder value. We are here now.

Cannabis Science Product Pipeline

Now, as promised, in the Share Structure Update BOX to the left we are releasing a number of documents and procedures to outline this process, so again be patient as you will see it is ALL worth our while! For this step we are including much more detail in the following topics:

  1. The new share structure and how it affects you.
  2. What is your shareholder gift and why?
  3. New share issuances, procedures, and timelines.
  4. Projected share values of each class of shares, projected trading status.
  5. Initial Cannabis Science Project files, cash flow projections, timelines.
  6. Shareholder First Rights and Investments.
  7. Projected $25,000,000.00 USD IPO timeline and process.

Once again, the NEW shares are being designed now. Your Broker and/or the Transfer Agent will be given FULL instructions to complete the transactions, so you don’t need to do anything right now in order to get them. This step is going to be completed in the First Quarter of 2020 and everyone will have their shares.

Again, we are all expected to do very well with our Investment in Cannabis Science!

Thanks again for your Support and Loyalty!

Stay tuned, if you are patient, we will make sure you are familiar with the procedures, timelines, trading status, share valuations and project outcomes.

Again, this is about to get REAL GOOD !!!

Thanks again for Support!
Talk soon.


Cannabis Science Economic Development Program

Cannabis Science Economic Development Plan

Cannabis Science Share Structure Updates

CBIS Share Structure Updates

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should shareholders be filling out this form. Iam sitting on116,000 shares. TD is saying CBIS is an invalid symbol.....
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