Cannabis Science Update #8

First off, I would like to thank all our loyal shareholders and all the members of the community who have been there with us showing their loyalty and working together sharing information. That’s what this website is about creating a community for people to get together and share information!

Unfortunately it seems there are plenty of negative people who might be “confused or not understand” what’s going on. This might be because some people choose not to read or understand basic concepts of business ups and downs and communications. Unfortunately in these cases we are forced to repeat the same answers to the same questions over and over.

*** To these people I would recommend that they do nothing until you receive official instructions from the company.

As soon as I heard reports of shares NOT being in your own brokerage accounts, I have recommended to immediately get “your shares” transferred out of your brokerage accounts and into “an account at the transfer agent in your own name”. Of course, this is shareholder protection mode.

At this time, it is still recommended, but if you are having trouble with it due to your broker please have patience and wait until you and your brokerage firm receive direct official instructions from the company and/or transfer agent via company communications.

*** And then there are those who are just plain posting out of hate and anger, unfortunately it seems they only want to sidetrack and stop our progress forward. If you’re here to be negative and just create drama please leave, we don’t need you getting in our path of success.

If you’re genuinely confused, please don’t be negative and have some patience as we ARE on our path to success and want you along for the ride with us.

Again, I am certainly waiting until "WE ARE READY" to put out an official announcement for the next company steps. You will receive instructions on how to proceed with your shares in the form of a press release and/or an official shareholder of record notification.


Talk soon.

Thanks Again,

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Fernando Figueras shared a photo. 4 days ago

should shareholders be filling out this form. Iam sitting on116,000 shares. TD is saying CBIS is an invalid symbol.....
Raymond, can you give us any...
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