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Anthony Sgroi Discussion started by Anthony Sgroi 6 months ago
I will admit I am ignorant to what is going on with the stock.  I understand that it is being moved private. But I received nothing from anyone, I just noticed one day that my stock was worthless in my account.

I am seeing information that we need to move it to a transfer agent?  But there is no information on how to do this.  Just simply a link for the transfer agent?

Is this required, or can I just leave it in my broker account?

It would help if there was some direction for people who have never been through something like this before.
If there is already information like this, if anyone can help me out with a link I would appreciate it.
Raymond C. Dabney
Raymond C. Dabney Yeah, lots of info for LOTS of questions. You should apply what fits your situation and go from there.

It is actually very simple what is happening...
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6 months ago
BG Donna Iarrapino
BG Donna Iarrapino Removed 6 months ago
Jason Boehler
Jason Boehler I have called the transfer agent twice and they seam to be confused as well, fidelity is clueless so my shares are sitting in my account in limbo,... Show more 6 months ago
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Greg Hunt posted a new discussion15 hours 41 minutes ago

Where to find straight forward information

Where can straight forward information be found about previous shareholders? No double speak or what if stuff. Just what is happening and when???

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